Why hire me to tell your farm story or your agri-business story? My experience in photography and advertising is the reason why. I just get it!

The short pitch:
My love of our multigenerational small Hereford beef farm has offered lots of opportunities to photograph the things I love, like farming, cattle and cats! So, after 17 years working in advertising, I decided life’s too short and I needed to do something I love! That’s how my small business of farm photography called Muddy Boots & Whiskers started. I think it’s important to preserve this way of life in tangible memorabilia to pass on to future generations, just as it is important to save the family farm for future generations. With Muddy Boots & Whiskers I am sharing the pride of farming through my portraits.

The long story:
I started taking farm photos because I wanted to show folks where their beef comes from through pictures of our farm for the beef that we still sell, Hagemann Beef. Over time, it led to a large collection of photographs that I wanted to share with a new audience; those that enjoy farm photography and home décor and gifts.

Although I have a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, for over 17 years I was responsible for a variety of photography in a regional advertising agency such as product, application (using a product in its intended setting) and editorial. I am comfortable in a studio environment, as well as on-location. My family also owns a well-respected portrait studio that has been in the Freeport, IL community for over 30 years. So, I understand portrait posing and lighting to help you, your family or your staff look your very best. I have been in the photography world for over 25 years, first apprenticing with my grandmother, a Master Craftsman photographer. I still occasionally work with my mother, a Certified Professional Photographer, who owns Hillside Studio in Freeport.

In addition to photography, I have over 17 years as a marketing and advertising professional where I was not only responsible for photography, but also web and social media marketing. I have many invaluable skills that all work together. I understand the big picture, no pun intended!

Photography is how I make a living. The only other job I have is farming with my husband. So, I don’t have a traditional full-time job and also do photography on the side, as seems to be a popular trend. I will be able to devote my time to you and your vision.

I have many options available depending on what you need – packages, day rates, half-day rates, home or office décor, unique gifts, etc. I only use photographic processes and finishes that I would have in my own home. I want products that are going to last, so I've researched and found a collection I'm really proud to offer. I stand by my products 100%.

Now that you know my story, I'd love to hear yours. Contact me today to get started on making your farm, or agri- business stand out.